Zero-Bugs it is software for hotels developed by

Computer Albada1995 as company of services, offering management solutions and implantation of systems for professional companies and offices are based on. Before the lack of management solutions for the hotel businesses we began that same year to develop our own application.

Zero-Bugs it was born as new line of business of our company and since then we continued working and innovating, anticipating us to the exigencies of the market.

The constant evolution of the technologies of the information applied to the tourist sector requires a great agility and capacity of reaction that is only possible to maintain if a company totally is involved in a project and we are it.  

Our objective: To offer solutions characterized by his innovation, creativity and quality that they allow the clients to improve his processes of business. In all our projects we adopted a work methodology that describes the tasks to follow, from the study of the correct solution for the client to his definitive implantation and the later support for his improvement.

Our philosophy: To generate frame of confidence with the client and to turn us into its technological partner to help to consolidate the growth of its business and of securing the success for its company.


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  • Channel Manager - simultaneous Management of the channels of reserves online
    Channel Manager - simultaneous Management of the channels of reserves online

Chanel Manager Zero-Bugs

Channel Manager Zero-Bugs

What is a Channel Manager? It is a software that allows him to manage and to publish the quota and availability of the hotel establishment in the different contracted channels of sale online.

That is to say, the tool with which it will be able to manage numerous channels of sale simultaneously. In this way, it will save time and reduce to the risk of errors and overbookings automatically synchronizing the availability in all the channels being u
n instrument of maximum precision for its commercial strategy in Internet.

With a Channel Manager Hotelero the portals through the XML connection are updated and manage automatically the tariffs and the availability of the rooms of a hotel in the main tourist channels of sale online thus saving time and avoiding overbooking. The certified XML connection allows an advanced level of synchronization that unloads all the channels of distribution of reserve online.


To be present in different channels is important and challenging work: to manage prices of the rooms and availability in each requires hundreds of hours.

Channel Manager Zero-Bugs


  • AUTOMATED AVAILABILITY ONLINE: Software Channel Manager automatically manages the availability of the rooms of a hotel in the main tourist channels of sale online.
  • CONNECTION CERTIFIED TO TWO WAYS: Channel Manager rápido and surely, updates the portals through the certified XML connection that allows an advanced level of synchronization.
  • IT OPTIMIZES THE REVENUE ONLINEBy means of simple rules of management, it updates the tariffs automatically and it manages the devices for the calculation of discounts and supplements, optimizing revenue.
  • AUTOMATIC LOCKINGIt manages in independent way the amount of rooms available, closing the sales and avoiding overbooking.
  • IT UNLOADS ALL THE RESERVES: A Channel Manager importa all the reserves of the distribution channels online.
  • WITHOUT NEEDING INSTALLING AN ACCESSIBLE SOFTWARE AND WITH SMARTPHONEIn order to accede to the Channer Manager of its coarse hotel with connecting itself to Internet.


Channel Manager integration - Zero-Bugs

The solution of Channel Manager Zero-Bugs must as main objective maximize the sale and watch the quota of indirect sale. Channel can help us to organize and to control the indirect sale, but it is not integrated with the system of management of the hotel (the PMS) is not going to help to be able to us to control the availability and the quota and to control the prices and to maximize the sale.


Chanel synchronization Zero-Bugs

When integrating the management program Zero-Bugs and channel manager we obtained:

- To directly receive all the reserves of Channel Manager in the software of Hotel management Zero-Bugs. This way all the management of channels of distribution via channel is unified later to unload all the information of the reserves in the management program Zero-Bugs.

- The integration of channel Manager with the program of hotel management Zero-Bugs allows to consolidate the sales online since the reserves integrate in the system without needing intervention manual. This way it is always had updated the availability of rooms of the hotel.



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