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Zero-Bugs it is software for hotels developed by

Computer Albada1995 as company of services, offering management solutions and implantation of systems for professional companies and offices are based on. Before the lack of management solutions for the hotel businesses we began that same year to develop our own application.

Zero-Bugs it was born as new line of business of our company and since then we continued working and innovating, anticipating us to the exigencies of the market.

The constant evolution of the technologies of the information applied to the tourist sector requires a great agility and capacity of reaction that is only possible to maintain if a company totally is involved in a project and we are it.  

Our objective: To offer solutions characterized by his innovation, creativity and quality that they allow the clients to improve his processes of business. In all our projects we adopted a work methodology that describes the tasks to follow, from the study of the correct solution for the client to his definitive implantation and the later support for his improvement.

Our philosophy: To generate frame of confidence with the client and to turn us into its technological partner to help to consolidate the growth of its business and of securing the success for its company.


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  • Business Intelligence - the information of its Hotel Manages correctly to obtain better results.
    Business Intelligence - the information of its Hotel Manages correctly to obtain better results.

Business Intelligence for Zero-Bugs

A software Bussines Hotel Intelligence offers to its business a competitive advantage allowing that the users analyze and understand better the plans and results. It allows him to transform the data into information and the information in knowledge, being facilitated to him the process of decision making.

The information adapted in the place and suitable moment increases the effectiveness of any hotel. 

To acquire a software Business Intelligence makes its available a solution that offers to the people in charge of the decision making a global point of view through indicators related to the scopes of its business, as for example percentage of occupation, prices daily average, income by room available.


Advantages to have a Business Intelligence

  • To go beyond the software of hotel management and to analyze its data of a fast and effective form.
  • To consolidate information of several hotels to obtain a global vision.
  • To obtain data in real time collecting of automatic form the data of its hotel or hotels.
  • To compare periods to analyze the deviations and progressions.
  • To select to diverse criteria and filters right away (types of clients, types of room, period of time€¦ etc) updating the information.

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It increases his sales online with the best design, management solutions online Web, marketing online€¦

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Selection of some of our clients who use the solutions and services of Zero-Bugs to obtain the best results.

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DataHotel unloads a version demonstration of our solutions and verifies its functionalities.

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